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Autore: Orietta Bosch
Titolo: The journey into the unknown
Genere Narrativa
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The journey into the unknown

The incredible story of my life -
Translated in Enlglish by : Livio Bagon

This book contains the essential parts of the three books that make up the incredible story of my life, wonderful experiences that gave me hope and joy to live even in the worst moments of my life, so sharing them you I hope that this will give hope to who ever reads this book. This book tells the story of my life and a message from my son that now lives in heaven....

The firtst book is entitled: Discovering the unknown

The life of Orietta Bosch is characterized by dramatic and painful, almost uninterrupted events, of which she had coped with, without ever losing her mind, while experiencing moments of almost indescribable despair and suffering that, due to the authenticity and clarity of the tale , inevitably end up involving the reader. How she dealt with these immense difficulties and moments of great anguish and pain? With the help of affectionate spiritual presences, even in the face of the mystery of the parallel dimension to which they belong, accompanied, supported, and protected her along the way. There is no superstition or ritual of any kind in his story, only great love, dedication to everyday things things , without bigotism or exasperated rancor.

My name is Orietta Bosch ... I want to introduce myself right away: I'm not a medium, nor a fortune-teller and I do not predict the future. I'm not a person who sees strange things, but the reality of my existence.
I was lucky enough to meet again whom I loved, I was lucky, someone up there wanted to give me a great gift, allowing me to communicate with my loved ones who are no longer here (not on this earth). What I was told only regarded my life but, the positive message that they left me with has definitely helped, so I hope that I can help other people.
I talk about my life, and urge people not to be afraid of the unknown, but to face their fears because the negative energy that torments us is able to amplify itself and overcome us. I have relised that our earth is divided in two, between God and the evil and that we are the puppets of a war between good and evil. The death of my only son was devastating, but in that moment if I had taken my own life, due to the lack of lucidity and profound pain that i endured, was urging and pushing me to end it all, would have played straight into the hands of evil , which pushes people to have a lack respect towards themselves and towards others. After his death, I saw my son for four years, a great and wonderful gift. In the beginning I thought they were hallucinations caused by my deep and inner pain, of what had happened to me but with time I realized it was real because what was told to me came to be. It answered my questions about what was there after life and what was the purpose of our existence. It told me things that would happen to me, it told me that GOD exists, but that there is also a negative energy that steals your soul if you are wicked or if you fail to respect not only others but also yourself, it amplifies fear and leads to self-destruction. This negative energy feeds demons preventing the soul to proceed towards the light, gets blocked and it is like having lived for nothing, consequently every soul will be forced to start all over again but at this point it won't have the possibility to decide where to be born. From what I understand, everything will be decided and judged by our good and bad deeds which we take with us at the end of our day, yes that's right, at the end of each life we will be judged on our life that we have lived. There is so much negativity in the world, I'm convinced that evil forces are working well; therefore I find it increasingly difficult to overcome the trials of life that we have to bear, we are human, and consequently fragile, so it is much easier to surrender to the forces of evil.Taboos, mentality, and wickedness that evil instills in people is the main cause that prevents us from understanding what our spirits are struggling to communicate to us with their continuous signals that the majority of people do not understand, many for fear, many because they refuse to believe what they are unable to touch with their hands. I was talking about positivity, love, and courage. I do not have to convince anyone, just to communicate. I'm a simple, straightforward, sincere person, I tried to overcome all the tests that life had forced me to face, maybe I was just born to figure out if I was in a position to overcome them. I believe that each and every one of us have tests to overcome and everyone has to commit themselves to overcoming them, without ever surrendering and fearing the difficulties of life that continuously present themselves, are made to be overcome,to improve ourselves. They say everything that does not kill us fortifies us. I have become a warrior and I will never stop fighting against negative energy, I will never give up my love, I am convinced that the most beautiful flowers are born after very cold winters.
My son also announced that after a muddy 2014 there would be scorched earth, but afterwards the flowers would flourish.

Indeed, 2014 was a very rainy year and in early January 2015 my companion of that time Fulvio, had abandoned me for another woman, creating, loneliness, sadness, and a real sense of scorched earth arround me, but I knew everything was happening for a reason, and that I should have no regrets of the past,
but accept it as a lesson of life.
The second book is entitiled:


They say of the second book: Orietta does not stop surprising us. After her first story, an impetuous epic of pain and hope, disruptive in theme and style, here we have "Flowers on scorched earth": delicate, gentle, passionate and tender. A fascinating love story set up in our days and in another era, a true chasm of wonders and adventure. Dedicated to those who never stop looking for happiness and when they find it they give it away to the whole world.
The second book contains a new message of hope: the flowers are born. I have told a story of pure love, and extraordinary in all senses, I wanted to do so, to show that love can defeat negative energy once and for all. This book is my victory, where I started from my loneliness, a condition I was in at that moment. A confused, betrayed, and wounded woman, well aware that light would come out of every wound. In that moment of sadness, none of the people I loved were present, or came to my rescue, not even a word of comfort. The only certainty I had were the words of my son "
"Relax mom, where the land is scorched, flowers will sprout again."
So I continued to write my own experiences: aspects of my life that I was touching with my hands, real experiences that many people have lived through, but often blurred by terrestrial mentalities, taboos that inevitably affect our thoughts and judgments. My friends were encouraging me to write, it was good for me and for them, this made me realize that the greatest courage is in being yourself, imperfect, unique and that life is a constant struggle, as well as an adventure,it's happiness and it's also pain. I had to work on myself which is something that is an on going proccess that never ends, I would (I was convinced) win this game with life, I did not care how others saw me, just the way I felt. After all I realised, that I had to construct my own road and find my way in this life, emotion after emotion, amongst brain-washing and taking stands, step by step, it is I who had to contruct my own roadfor myself. , not others. I learned to move on because staying with someone who does not love you is like reading the same book hoping to change the ending, but we have to write it, ourselves, only ourselves, infact I wanted to write it with the man who today writes with me and says:

"I talk about my experience, of what I have seen and who when in a comatose state, had changed my life as an atheist and skeptic, which brought me back to my first love after 42 years"

Both books were a success, I was writing my experiences and without realizing it, I was helping other people not to lose hope .. even those who did not believe in what I was writing, doubting my sensations ... gave all positivity, even moments of pain.
furnishes the answers to all the doubts left pending in both books.
Combined they have a meaning of which I want to spread all over the world.

Orietta Bosch